Artist - Educator - Revolutionary

Photography courtesy of Lorenz Mazon Dumuk, Quynh-Mai Nguyen, and Phillip Pasag. 


ASHA is originally from LA where she grew heavily into the underground hip hop scene, a major influence. An international poet, ASHA has toured London showcasing her poetry including the famous Troy Bar. Her music, art and spoken word act as a mirror into the passion and activism she lives out daily.


ASHA went to UCSC and obtained her masters and teaching credential in Social Justice through education. She also worked for the non-profit Playworks in east Oakland creating space for kids to lose themselves in healthy play. She is currently a 8th grade teacher in San Jose and is also actively training teachers around California about how to teach within a social justice lens in order to create authentic global change.


ASHA's passion for social justice today focuses on educating youth. Her dream is to found a safe K-12 school rooted in Restorative Justice practices, Anti-Bias standards, and a rigorous Social Justice curriculum, which voices those that have been silenced for centuries.